amaravati (us)

In a quiet spot in the shade under the brilliant Texas sky, a bit of magic is made from petals, roots, and leaves. Perfume and incense are as personal an experience as they are sublime. When I started this site in 2016 (or was it 2012?) I could never have imagined what the coming years would be like. Busy! And full of changes and growth and creativity.

Fast forward to today August 31, 2020 and head over to

Making perfume is art. Sharing it with others is also sharing a message: about natural beauty, about the power of our senses and perceptions, and the innate power we have to enrich, enhance, and change our lives.

i sit and examine
and i’m changed by the looking.
my own mystery
& pure perception are revealed.
in this most excellent realm
a scent
–this formless essence–
pervading sense & consciousness.

here imagination stirs
memory’s deep,
then urges on, to
fresh awareness & expression.