Perfume Discovery Set

1.5 ml eau de parfum spray sample Discovery Set.


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Whether you are new to natural perfume, looking for your signature scent, or simply want to sample the house, our 1. 5 ml eau de parfum sprays are just the right size to try them on and see how they fit!
Onyx | The one who wears Onyx is not afraid of the dark. Wear it boldly, with lace or leather.
Topaz | A richly saturated perfume that lasts for hours. Read the story of Topaz here.
Xesty | Express yourself every day and night of the year with this seriously fun fragrance!
Emerald | What starts as a cologne fresh grassy green, once on your skin this jewel richly shines with sandalwood.
Yazmina | Whether you wear it year round as your signature scent or only for extra special occasions, Yazmina will take you on a journey through time to the days of the elegant, luxurious lifestyle.
Green Velvet | Green Velvet was created for decandent evenings and magical encounters.
Pinks | There are few flowers that look too frilly to smell so spicy! Be like Pinks.
Wine Cup | The first few minutes wearing Wine Cup is like enjoying a fresh glass of chardonnay. Then the real party starts when sandalwood, frankincense, and ambergris join in.
Violet Crown | Austin wears a violet crown at sunset. This unusual herbal, woody violet scent is as curious and fun as the city.
Blue Mist | As clear as the blue sky on the side of a misty mountain
Boudoir | Priceless ingredients meld with warm, silky skin for an exquisite scented experience.
Damask | Warm, subtle layers and abstract patterns emerge around beautiful, beautiful rose.

Natural Perfume, made by hand. All natural ingredients I have sourced from the most reliable distributors in the industry, as well as some that I made in my studio here in Austin Texas. 


NOTE: These samples are a great way to test for sensitivity if you have allergies or sensitive skin, too. Some fragrances may have natural colorants added. Colors will vary due to the nature of the raw materials, and could stain delicate fabrics.

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