Sweet, Sultry Sumadhi Blend Oud Incense

Oud (agarwood) Quang Nam, Old Vietnam soil skins powdered/paste.



Oud (agarwood) Quang Nam, Old Vietnam soil skins powdered/paste. Limited quantity, I just have a few pots to share.

Finely powdered and in paste form makes for even, low heating over an electric subitism or tea light warmer. Very rich, old, sweet oud fragrance. I prepared the powder for tincture and, as it aged, it gained great depth and smoothness. This paste is from the decanted infusion. The scent profile is deep, buttery, slightly fruity, with warm leather and musk notes. You might also smell chocolate fudge cake, as I do. A small pea-sized amount on a warming plate will scent a room for at least an hour.

About 2 grams in an Artisan Wood Pot.

Note: not recommended for burning directly or on charcoal because of the very fine quality of the material. This is rare Quang Nam Soil Kakuwari 2021 – Old Vietnamese soil skins, pulled from dead logs found in Quang Nam. Soil woods have contact with the unique soil deposits of the jungle floor and are imparted with their particular scents – something highly coveted by oud connoisseurs.These Soil Skins are pulled from just underneath the bark – an area known for sweetness, as the infection stays right on the surface, generally within a few mm to a cm, and concentrates there.


Ingredients: Fractionated coconut oil, finely powdered wild harvested oud skins.

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